Pasta salad with dried tomatoes and basil

If you need a quick noodle salad for the barbecue party, this recipe is just right. Ready to eat in 20 minutes!

Prepare pasta in boiling salt water after packing instructions. Cut the tomatoes into strips. Clean the leeks, wash and cut into rings. Remove the pine nuts in a frying pan without having to fry fat.

For the vinaigrette, season the vinegar with salt, pepper and sugar. Oil Darunterschlagen. Wash basil, shake dry and pluck leaves from stalks.

Pour pasta. Mix pasta, vinaigrette, leek onions, pine nuts and tomato strips and let it move for about 15 minutes under occasional stirring. Season the salad with salt, pepper and possibly vinegar. Large basil leaves coarsely small pluck. At the end, Basil leaves.