Greek pasta salad with feta cheese

Greek pasta salad is delicious and healthy.Cook pasta in boiling salted water according to package directions. Stir in the meantime 1 teaspoon salt, mustard and orange juice. Olive oil including after hitting. Wash thyme and shake dry.
Discs, pick up on some for garnish, from the stalks. In the vinaigrette and mix. Drain noodles and scare off with cold water. Can mix immediately with the vinaigrette and pull.

Meanwhile cucumber wash, quarter, core and cut into cubes. Wash tomatoes, dry rub, halved and cut into slices. Cut feta cheese into cubes. Olive drain, drain and cut into rings.
Prepared ingredients to the noodles and mix carefully. Serve garnished with remaining thyme. Sprinkle with coarse pepper.