Delicious Simple & classic pasta salad recipes

Start with fresh pasta salads in the summer!
Looking for pasta salad? Pasta salad is easy and quick and can be easily into larger
Prepare quantities. At the party or barbecue, pasta salads should not be missed! American has almost tradition of pasta salad and well-made pasta salads make really beautiful festivals. Because pasta tastes just anyone!

Many simple Pasta Salad Recipes: Classic, Mediterranean or refined
There are pasta salads in many delicious varieties. In addition to classic pasta salads with mayonnaise, there are also lighter variants with oil, you should try! Pasta salad is a culinary refined and modern. The type of pasta, the pasta salad ingredients and the pasta salad dressing combine diverse. Give free rein to your preferences here!

Classic pasta salad: delicious & easy pasta salad
Classic pasta salad is traditional and is in addition to the pasta with the ingredients meat sausage, peas from the glass, eggs, pickles, onion, mayonnaise, pickled cucumber water, vinegar and sugar, salt, and pepper to the spices. Prepare this simple party pasta salad with peppers, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, pepperoni and sour cream.

Italian pasta salad: light & easy pasta salad
Easy pasta salads are popular in the summer. Mediterranean pasta salad recipes are perfect. Instead of mayonnaise, olive oil, yogurt, sour cream, or balsamic vinegar is used as dressing. This is health conscious and on warmer days, very light and tasty. Ingredients in the Italian pasta salad serve as in addition to the pasta, tomatoes, Arugula, Parmesan or feta, pine nuts, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, topped off with honey, sugar, salt and pepper! Try our Italian pasta salad recipe and thus Italy to home inviting.

Pasta Salad with meat and sausage
In the noodle salad with meat, meat sausage, sausages, mortadella, ham or fish serve as an ingredient. A Mediterranean pasta salad with tomatoes, artichokes, fennel, pine nuts, salami and vinegar and oil dressing is our pasta salad with salami. The particular Milanese pasta salad is also slightly Mediterranean and Zucchini, olives, capers and mortadella serve as ingredients with oil, mayonnaise and yogurt dressing made of, international flair in the traditional pasta salad comes.

Simple pasta salad vegetarian: without meat!
Vegetarian pasta salad is vegetarian and tastes just super easy and tasty. Try our fruity pasta salad with pears and walnuts with tasty tofu and fresh Arugula! Just as tasty pasta salad with green asparagus, with fresh tomatoes and mild vinegar and oil dressing.

Pasta salad tips: for a delicious pasta salad!
To ensure your pasta salad perfectly, here's a couple tips pasta salad:

Bite-sized varieties are suitable for the type of pasta. This pasta can absorb much pasta salad dressing and you can fork it well. For example, Fussili, Penne pasta, squirrel, Farfalle, tortellini or Rigatoni.
The noodles boil bite, because the pasta still pull up in the pasta salad sauce and would be too soft.
Ingredients still warm mix the pasta with the pasta salad.

Vegetable belongs in every pasta salad! The vegetables can be raw or cooked. Canned is popular with the simple pasta salad. Firm cheeses (Gouda, for example) are suitable for the cheese.
For good taste, let long enough through the pasta salad! Prepare the pasta salad the day before, add fresh ingredients such as fresh tomatoes or Arugula until shortly before serving.
Still taste the pasta salad before serving. In addition to classic salt and pepper, are many fresh herbs, mustard or other condiments. These lend a special touch and flavor the pasta salad. It is Asian with soy sauce or Curry.